Adapted from Collins' picture book, the little girl is thrilled at first to have a ghost-elephant living in her house. He makes life so much more fun! But Elephantoms are a bit too big for houses and before long, he’s causing a lot of trouble.

For children and grown-ups of all ages, the story of one little girl and her larger-than-life friend is brought to life with extraordinary puppetry and theatrical ingenuity.

A big heart and an even bigger imagination. Full of wit, cheek and farts - The Guardian

Production Credits

Directed by Toby Olié and Finn Caldwell

Consultant Director: Marianne Elliott

Writer: Ross Collins

Stage Adaptation: Ben Power

Designer: Samuel Wyer

Puppetry Design: Toby Olié

Puppet Fabrication: Dulcie Best, Katy Eldridge and Paul Vincett

Lighting Design: Matt Daw

Sound Design: Alma Kelliher

Music: Adam Pleeth

Photography: Brinkhoff / Mögenburg


Audrey Brisson-Jutras

Laura Cubitt

Charlotte Dubery (Understudy for female roles / promotional puppeteer)

Dave Emmings

Susan Harrison (New London Transfer)

Guilia Innocenti

Avye Leventis

Tim Lewis

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