Opera Opaque
Opera Opaque
Opera Op
Opera Opaque
Opera Opaque
Opera Opaque


Welcome to Madame Silva´s wonderful, strange and macabre cabaret! Spectacular vignettes of life and death, edge of the seat humour, and a grand finale as Madame Silva looks her own fears in the eyes...a captivatingly spooky performance, scarily funny, and an audience on baited breath!

The tale of her origins fades into the darkness of time and the rich legends of her past are full of contradicting anecdotes. Some folk speak of a mystical, gathering place far out in the depths of Siberia in a remote village with winding cobblestone streets. Others speak of an abandoned ruined castle in Bretagne, the existence of which can be traced back to documented ancestry.

Timeless rumours point to origins hailing from the dark deep Norwegian forests and a few souls maintain a connection with the hereafter; most daring of all is the idea that she comes from an unknown continent on «the other side» …But all these legends amount to one thing: Madame Silva gives us the creeps!

Opera Opaque is a visual theatre production with actors and puppeteers, a life sized figure and shadow theatre.

Production Credits

Direction and Concept : Yngvild Aspeli

Puppet Design: Yngvild Aspeli, Polina Borisova, Priscille LeManoir

Scenography: Gunhild Marhea Olaussen

Lighting: David Farine

Costume: Sylvia Denais

Music: Guro Skumsnes Moe


Charlotte Dubery

Viktor Lukawski