Site Specific adaptation of Bulgakov's The Master and Marguerita, by 38 CIT.


Ne Parlez Jamais avec des Inconnus questions and explores the relationships between the strange, the unknown, the foreign, and the individual. It is a cry for liberty and freedom in a World that constantly formats people, their lives, and their beliefs; no longer concerning itself with the individual but with mass ‘products’ from ever-corrupting markets so affiliated to this generation.

38 CIT (Compagnie International de Théâtre) was created between all 38 classmates in June 2010 after having spent two years training together at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. After having shared a common theatrical experience, 38 performers from all over the world (18 different nationalities) came together to create; putting together their skills gained from a common theatrical training of stage performance, writing and collective creation.


The uniqueness of the members of 38CIT stems from their differing experiences and expertise in dance, music, puppetry, painting, and acrobatics, to name but a few.  They continue to develop their chosen fields by gaining experience both outside and within the company, thereby collectively creating diversified forms of theatrical expression and languages.


Production Credits

Lighting: Kevin Briard

Set Maker: Jean-Baptiste Née

Music: Matteo Gallus, Maurizio Congiu, Hagop Demirdjian, Pierre Polveche 

Posters: Formes Vivres

Photography: Ulysse Fiévé


Andres Acevedo

Fiamma Bennett

Nilson Dominguez Junior

Charlotte Dubery

Jessica Hinds

Mathieu Huvelin

Sean Jones

Ronan Le Fur

Virginie Maillard

Hélene Morzuch

Laura Pazzola

Elisabetta Spaggiari

Mélanie Tanneau

Cécile Vitrant

Laura Zauner

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