Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927
Golem by 1927


Drawing on the myth of The Golem - the story of a man who fashions a creature out of clay to work for him - as a starting point, 1927 has creating an original production exploring man and his machines. 1927’s Golem is not a re-telling or adaptation of the Golem myth but an original story that examines the relationship between an extraordinarily ordinary man, and his Golem...

Located in a fictional yet familiar world, where technology and the market economy have evolved to a point of transcending the boundaries of human control, Golem has become a must have, indispensible ingredient for a better life. But its very existence, threatens the prospect of those who created it.


...part Beetlejuice, part Terry Gilliam..

This is a significant work of theatre not just for the ideas, brilliant and funny acting, quirky and memorable script ... but because it is truly innovative  - The Guardian

Funny, unsettling and unforgettable...a Frankenstein for the 21st Century...alive with irony, imagination and humanity - The Times

Production Credits
Directed and written by Suzanne Andrade
Film, Animation and Design: Paul Barritt
Music: Lillian Henley 
Associate Direction and Design: Esme Appleton
Sound Design: Laurence Owen 
Costume Design: Sarah Munro 
Associate Animation: Derek Andrade
Dramaturgy: Ben Francombe 
Drums and Percussion: Will Close

Photography: Bernhard Müller



Will Close

Charlotte Dubery

Lillian Henley

Rose Robinson

Shamira Turner