- Cough up, scrub down and strap in for a triptych of surreal shorts -


Stuck in endless Lockdown isolation, three characters find different ways of managing as the days tick over and thoughts turn into visions of madness.

Ad Infinitum brings an assortment of darkly comic, twisted tales online for the very first-time, exploring solitude and the richness of our internal world in the face of a new reality.


‘The stories are frightening and funny in equal measure, careering from realism into a stylised and surreal world of black comedy, gothic horror and fantasy.’ 

The Guardian 


‘For a piece that would have felt otherworldly to us a mere six months ago, A Small Gathering’s use of bizarre storylines perfectly captures the anxieties that our nation is experiencing.’ 

Theatre Weekly 


‘All three [films] are independent pieces, yet they all share interestingly thought-provoking elements such as fear, restlessness, absurdity, and, ironically – having a cup of tea.’ 

Theatre News 

‘A Small Gathering offers a creative and artistic response to the psychological effects

of lockdown. Neuroses loom large…A stylistic and creative look at some of the

(possibly national) obsessions and fears that have surfaced during lockdown.’ 


You can watch the films on the HOME website here.

Production Credits

Made by Charlotte Dubery, Deborah Pugh, George Mann, Nir Paldi and Sam Halmarack.

Part of "Where you are: A Mini-Festival - Homemakers", a commission from HOME Manchester.