Charlotte is a theatre maker, performer and puppeteer whose work is motivated by her love of collaborative creation.

Exploring movement since the age of 2 when she first took up Ballet, Charlotte has always had a corporeal approach to her practise as it comes from a deeply rooted spirit of play. 

She has a first class honours degree from the University of Exeter, where she was also awarded the Israel Bertie Black Prize for Most Outstanding Student. Her passion for visual storytelling and making theatre as an ensemble took her to École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, when she then trained for two years.


Since finishing her training Charlotte has performed, written, designed and directed theatre work for indoor and outdoor shows across the UK and internationally. Her strong background in dance continues to feed into her work and over the last seven years she has honed her craft in devised physical theatre and puppetry. She is co-founder of her company  you, me and geoff and an Associate Artist of Theatre-Rites. Her credits include; The Jim Henson Company, Netflix, The National Theatre, The Globe, Theatre Ad Infinitum, Theatre-Rites, 1927, Abel et Gordon and the BBC.

Charlotte is an avid craftswoman and when she is not in the theatre she can be found potting, weaving, enamelling or brewing up an Earl Grey.