Our puppeteers will become scientists for the day; watch as they set out to develop a brain from scratch, and see what happens when they receive a rather unexpected, and top-secret package from the Department of Artificial Body Constructs.

In 2015 Theatre-Rites received funding from the Wellcome Trust to embark on a 10 month R&D project to explore the parallels between the methods of brain investigation and manipulation employed by neuroscientists, with the methods puppeteers use to manipulate both a puppet and the spectators' imagination - giving the illusion of a living brain in a puppet.

We gathered a diverse team of artists to look at ways of making neuroscience engaging for a young audience. We took inspiration from the classic Pinocchio story, however in our interpretation the puppet is not made by a woodcarver in Italy, but by a team of scientists searching to discover more about the mystery of how our brains work.

Production Credits

Directed and Written by Sue Buckmaster

Animation: Joseph Wallace (BBC Performing Arts Fellow)

Puppet Design and Maker: Paul Vincett

Visual Engineer: Gillian Tan

Scientists: Dr Matthew Grubb and Dr Laura Andreae, (Lecturers in the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College London) and Prof Katya Rubia, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, KCL.

Photography: David Monteith-Hodge


Charlotte Dubery

Mohsen Nouri

Simon Palmer

Miles Yekinni

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